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Dudko A.A. Trofimov V.A. Sukhanova T.V.
Recently scientists are interested in cellular nuclear lipids. It is known, that chromatin in interphase nucleus is organized in loop domains (50 - 200 kb). It is attached to nuclear matrix by matrix associated region (MARs). Chromatin is consisted of transcriptional active euchromatin and transcriptional inactive (repressive) heterochromatin. However in difference about proteins the role of lipids in the structural organization chromatin and nuclear matrix is poorly investigated [1].

The chromatin from the cellular nucleus of a liver of mice is fractionated on durability of linkage by solutions of low ionic force and preliminary activation by endogenic Ca2+/Mg2+ DNAse. In result of the extraction by TM buffer with addition NaCl in growing concentration a following fractions are allocated: transcription ally active euchromatin - (Chr-Eu) and transcription ally inactive heterochromatin (Chr-He). The first fraction makes about 80% actively transcribe nuclear chromatin. Lipids are extracted by Bligh-Dayer´s method with mix chlorophorm - methanol (1 : 2 v/v) and divided by bidirectional chromatography in thin layers of silicogel. Quantitatively lipids are defined by spectrophotometers method under the contents of inorganic phosphorus, contents of DNA, RNA and proteins are defined by spectrophotometers method too.

Fracion Chr-Eu is present phosphatidylcholine 30%, phospatidylinositol 4.9%, sphingomyelin 6.6%, phosphatidyletanolamine 23.1%, cardiolipin 20.1 %, phosphatidylcholine lisophormes 15.65 %.

In fraction Chr-He phosphatidylcholine´s share is reduced to 24%, the contents of phospatidylinositol makes 13.8%, sphingomyelin 15.1%, sharply the phosphatidyletanolamine´s level up to 39.5% grows, cardiolipin reduced up to 11.9 %, phosphatidilcholine lisophormes are not found out.

Thus Chr-Eu contains 232 μg of lipids in 1 mg of DNA chromatins. It essentially differents from Chr-He what include 125 μg lipids in mg chromatins.

Transcriptional active chromatin is characterized not only the bigger phospholipid´s variety but also quantum of phospholipids connected with chromatin than transcriptional inactive chromatin. It is characterized by a low phosphatidylserin´s contents and rather high the contents of phosphatidylcholine and it lisophormes.

The more probable is representation about chromatin´s lipids as about certain lipid zone which is little contacted with another nuclear lipids, associated with chromatin lipids which take part not only in the stacking of speralized DNA but also plays the important role in regulation of activity of genetic material at a level of replication and transcription of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

  1. Struchkov V.A., Strazevskaya N.B. Structural and functional aspects of nuclear lipids of normal and tumor cells // Biochmia .2000. V.65.N. 5. P.620-643

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Dudko A.A., Trofimov V.A., Sukhanova T.V. FEATURES OF STRUCTURE OF LIPID COMPONENT OF THE HETEROCHROMATIN AND EUCHROMATIN OF THE NUCLEUS OF MOUSE’S LIVER // Современные наукоемкие технологии. – 2005. – № 1. – С. 18-18;
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