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Vorobyjva E N. Tyreckova V.F. Skurjatina J.V. Batanina I.A. Gyzeeva O.V. Zvezdkin E.G. Mordvinova O.S. Matjach T.V.
From modern positions comprehension of a role of various risk factors in a pathogeny is intimate - cardiovascular diseases the assignment of a diet and medicamental hypolipidemic therapy for correction of infringements of the lipid exchange being the important risk factor of illnesses of circulation system is conventional in medical practice. In addition use of the express collectings of plants is possible which influence those or other parts of an exchange of lipids.

By the purpose of the present research was the study on a level of lipids of plants wide-spread in Altay territory, in particular, Kuril tea, Cortex of a birch at experimental lipidemias.

The experimental part of research was executed on the rabbits of mass 2,5-3 kg keeping on a usual ration. Carried out a laboratory evaluation of parameters of a lipid exchange - total cholesterin (TC), triglycerides (ТG), high-density (HDL) reagents of firm "Human" on the biochemical evaluator EPOLL-20. The cholesterin low density lipoproteins (LDL) and very low (VLDL) expected under the known formulas. Also determined a resistance LDL to oxidation on procedure (Ragino J.I., 1998) with an evaluation of a degree of oxidative paravariation LDL by definition of concentration of a malonic dialdehyde on the spectrophotometer СФ-4А. Investigated a level of a malonic dialdehyde (МDА), product of peroxide oxidation of fatty acids photometricly on intensity of colouring of a complex МDА-tiobarbiturici acid, and also activity of a catalase on supression of oxidation of a molybdate of hydrogen dioxide.

With the purpose of modeling a lipidemia within one month by an animal added in a forage of 0,1 g of a crystalline cholesterin on kg of mass. A blood took away before experiment, in one month after nutritional introduction of a cholesterin and in month of introduction of an extract of investigated plants on a background of reception of a cholesterin.

As a result of monthly nutritional introduction of a cholesterin the augmentation of a level of a TC was marked, of a LDL in 7 times, ТG and VLDL on the average in 5 times in comparison with background values. Besides rising concentration of a malonic dialdehyde - termination products of peroxide oxidation and its concentration in low density lipoproteins was revealed, that testifies to the reduced resistance these lipoproteins to oxidative paravariation.

On a background of an experimental lipidemia the rabbits received extracts from propagules of Kuril tea and cortex of a birch, that has resulted in authentic downstroke of concentration TC, LDL, ТG, VLDL, malonic dialdehyde, and also augmentation of LDL resistance to oxidation. The stimulation antioxidant of protective system of cells is marked, to what rising catalase activity testifies.

It is represented to us, that the basic favourable influence of the investigated plants on a level of lipids of a blood play triterpenoid saponins and flavonoids, as it is known, that by the main components of various parts of Kuril tea, birch cortexes - that are triterpenoid saponins, flavonoids, and also tannic matters, tonka-bean camphors, sterols, alkaloids, polysaccharides, amino acids, trace substances and others. Apparently, triterpenoid saponins, as the glycosides are capable to form unsolvable complexes with a cholesterin promoting removing it from an organism and rendering thus hypolipidemic action. In too time, flavonoids provide antioxidantive activity, by virtue of the chemical properties, binding the reactive forms of оxygenium. It is known also on the data of the literature, that flavonoids are capable to inhibit a proliferation smooth muscle of cells media of vessels, that is important for atherosclerosis prophylaxis.

Proceeding from the received data, perspective the development of complex medicinal preparations is represented on the basis of the investigated plants (Kuril tea, birch cortexes), pharmacotheraputic efficacyy in normalization of infringements of a lipid exchange, is caused by presence in them of a complex biologically of active materials (triterpenoid saponins and flavonoids), and also the study of their action at diseases connected to lipidemias (an atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, obstructive liver diseases etc.), as becomes a subject of our further researches.

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Vorobyjva E, N., Tyreckova V.F., Skurjatina J.V., Batanina I.A., Gyzeeva O.V., Zvezdkin E.G., Mordvinova O.S., Matjach T.V. USE OF MEDICINAL PLANTS OF ALTAY TERRITORY FOR THE CORRECTION PURPOSE OF LIPID EXCHANGE INFRINGEMENTS // Современные наукоемкие технологии. – 2005. – № 3. – С. 90-90;
URL: http://top-technologies.ru/ru/article/view?id=22513 (дата обращения: 17.07.2019).

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